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Control Systems

• Development-Study • Implementation • Application • Improvements

Electric drives

• Servo-drives • Electric Axes • Inverters • Controllers


• Cylinders • Valves • Preparation • Accessories

Vision Inspection Management

• Sensors • Monitors • Cameras

Robotic systems

• Best Economical Solutions • Support Special Construction • Alternative applications

Energy Saving

• Measurement and analysis • Leaks network • Suggestions for improvement • Guaranteed depreciation

How we can help? What we offer

  • Control Systems
  • Electric drives
  • Pneumatics
  • Vision Inspection Management
  • Robotic systems
  • Energy Saving

The Company

Heron Control Systems

Welcome to our website!

Heron Control Systems was founded by executives with many years of experience in the field of industrial automation.

Quality, innovation, flexibility and consistency to our customers will be the principles that will guide us in our new course. 

The active role in our successful innovative automation applications in all branches of industry was triggered, all this can be continued independently.

Top products of industrial automation will be, inter alia, props and tools at the best automation solutions offered to our customers.

           Contact us for any questions                                  you employ for automation.                                               >>click here                                          or use our mail: info@heroncs.gr


Heron of Alexandria....

For the selection of our name HERON, inspired us the great inventor and engineer of Antiquity: Heron of Alexandria….

Heron of Alexandria was an engineer and geometer. He lived in Alexandria about the 1st BC or 1st AD century. The most famous invention is the “aiolosfaira” or steam turbine, the first locomotive in history. He was director of the prestigious Higher Technical School of Alexandria, the first technical university which was founded in the Museum for engineers. Said to follow the theory of atoms and Mechanical Drafting Philo. Ctesibius ideas were based on some of his works. He was known as Heron Ctesibius (as a student, probably, the great mathematician and inventor Ctesibius) and Heron Engineer.



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